Following best advice and Government guidance during the Covid 19 pandemic, our Club ceased play in mid-March 2020. On 8 May 2020, the NI Assembly Executive relaxed some restrictions on social gathering which allows some sporting activities to resume with certain restrictions. As a consequence, North Down intends to resume play on Tuesday 26 May 2020. The Irish Petanque Assoc. has issued a Covid 19-related policy on social distancing and other contact issues ( see below ) which fits with the Government guidance, and the North Down Committee intends that the policy will be applied in full, until such time as it may change.


(Subject to Government directives. Northern Ireland Guidelines in italics)

While it is hoped that these guidelines are accurate at time of writing the situation in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland is subject to change at short notice. Clubs and individuals are advised to seek clarification from the appropriate Government body for any clarification needed.

Restrictions on Travel

From May 18th to June 8th travel is restricted to 5 km from home to the playing pistes.

In Northern Ireland from 18 May sports that do not involve shared contact, with hard surfaces, such as golf, water sports and tennis, can restart again. This is, by default, assumed to include Petanque.

From June 8th to July 20th travel is restricted to 20 km from home to the playing pistes.

After July 20th the travel restrictions within regions are proposed to be lifted.

In Northern Ireland from May 18 there appears to be no travel restrictions.

Restrictions on Numbers

From May 18th to June 8th a maximum of 4 persons may play together.

In Northern Ireland from 18th May up to ** 6 persons may play.

From June 8th to July 20th a small group of players may be allowed (small is not defined in the ROI), but ** 10 will be the number in Northern Ireland, so we will settle for 10 on both sides of the border).

** Now 30 in NI, at 24 July 2020.

Social Distancing and Personal Protection

  1. The organisers of any game of Petanque should note the names and contact details of anyone participating.
  2. Nobody should come to play who has a cough or a temperature.
  3. Should a player develop Covid 19 symptoms after playing, they should contact the organisers of the event so that other participants can be made aware of this fact.
  4. Players must stay 2 metres away from each other at all times [unless they are members of the same household].
  5. Face masks are advised, but not mandatory.
  6. No handshakes or kissing. Toe-to-toe greetings only.
  7. All players must bring to the piste their own hand sanitiser.
  8. Nobody must touch another player’s boules, cochonnet, measuring tape, hand sanitiser or other personal equipment.
  9. No entrance money should be taken.
  10. * Each player must have their own cochonnet and use it when he/she throws it to start a game or begin a new end. * Slight change to IPA guidance.
  11. Only one person in the game is allowed to touch the circle and the scoreboard.
  12. Any player measuring must do so with his/her own tape. Others stand 2 metres away.


All players to note that the IPA insurance is inactive until June 14th, so you play at your own risk until then.