Given North Down PC’s long established competition programme and preferred format policy, the under-noted is designed to confirm that policy, and allow anyone in the Club to organise a competition. 

Entrants policy: While, in the past, a number of competitions have been open to entrants from outside the Club, there has been little external interest and, currently, all competitions are restricted to fully paid-up Club members. The ‘policy’ is, however, sufficiently ‘fluid’ to allow for ‘open’ competitions as determined by the Committee.   

Format Policy: Apart from ‘Singles’ competitions, the currently preferred format is the ‘Melee’ in which everyone enters as individuals and the organiser assigns entrants to groups (shooters and pointers for Doubles, and shooters, experienced pointers, and inexperienced pointers for Triples). Names are drawn from each group so that, as far as is possible, each team has a ‘shooting’ capability and, for Triples, a mix of experience. Team composition remains constant over the length of the competition, unless the competition is specifically designed to allow ‘rotation’. Depending on numbers, formats are ‘Round Robin’ (no final) and ‘2 Groups’ (with a final) 

Scheduling policy: In so far as it is possible, competitions take place in line with the annual programme agreed by the Committee immediately following the AGM. However, in the interests of ensuring the maximum number of entrants, competition dates can be changed. The over-riding aims are (a) to maximise the competitive element of each event (b) to increase revenue (c) to avoid ‘clashes’ and allow those who participate in external competitions to do so without missing out on Club competitions and (d) to complete the annual programme before the next AGM. Competitions normally commence at 10.30 am and are completed within a day. 

Notification policy: Following the Committee’s agreement on an annual programme, the Hon.Sec. will provide each member with a copy of the programme (in paper or by email). The programme will also feature on the Club’s website. 

For the purpose of eg.gauging the level of interest in a particular competition, the Hon.Sec (or organiser of the competition, if different) may signal, at Club meetings, that a competition is planned. If interest is sufficient, the Hon.Sec etc will subsequently email (or ‘phone, as necessary) all members, inviting entry to the competition, within a stated deadline. Valid entries are only accepted following the issue of invitation, not responses during the initial gauging of interest mentioned above. There is also an onus on members, however, to enquire about competitions in which they have an interest, since he/she will have access to the competition programme. 

Entries to the Hon.Sec. will be retained in time/date of receipt order, since, on occasion, the number of entrants may not ‘fit’ the numbers required for a particular format eg. even numbers are required for Doubles. In such circumstances, the most recent entrant(s) are required to withdraw, to make numbers fit format.   

Awards policy: Apart from ‘perpetual’ trophies which are available for all but one of the current competitions (Changing Partners), until * 2020, it had been Club policy to award individual trophies to winners of competitions. The nature of the trophy depends on the organiser, the availability of trophies at the time and the budget  (up to 60% of the income from a competition). No runners–up awards are currently made. The Committee can amend this policy as circumstances dictate.  

* In 2020, the Committee agreed that individual trophies would no longer be awarded.  

Organisation policy: The notification about, and arrangements for a day’s competition fall to the Hon.Sec. The Hon.Sec. holds ‘standard’ documentation for the various competition formats, including fixtures and scorecards. These can be made available to others, in the event that the Hon.Sec. is unavailable. 

Time/points limitations on matches : Where the Committee considers that eg. the format/numbers of teams/rounds may lead to an overly long competition, time or points limitations may be imposed on matches. If so decided, all matches in a round will commence at the same time ( but, see * below ) and finish when the time/points limit has been reached. In the event that teams have equal points when  the time limit is reached, an extra end will be played to determine a winner. If an ‘end’ is incomplete when the time limit is reached, the ‘end’ must be completed. Should such a completion result in a drawn game, an extra ‘end’ will be played to determine a winner. Timing/points limitations will be confirmed prior to the start of the competition, as will the timing equipment to be used. 

*In a ‘timed’ competition, all matches in the first round will commence at the same time. In subsequent rounds, the competition organiser may give permission for matches to commence when opponents are ready to play, however, the ‘timer’ will commence only when the last match in that round is ready to start. In such a circumstance, the last match to start will be given the full time as agreed for the competition. Other matches, if not over, will finish when the allotted time is reached.