To comply with the Committee’s responsibility at Para 2 (x) of the Club’s Constitution and ensure that grievances / complaints raised by members of the Club (including members of the Committee) are dealt with in a prompt and equitable manner. 


It is recognised that people associated with the Club may, from time to time, have grievances or complaints that need to be resolved in the interest of maintaining good relationships. The Committee believes that: 

  • People have the right to have their grievances receive careful consideration through established processes that are timely and based on fairness and respect; 
  • The best resolution is one that is reached cooperatively and informally, where possible, prior to a formal complaint being lodged in writing; 
  • A person making a complaint or airing a grievance will not be disadvantaged in anyway as a direct result; 
  • Where a formal complaint is received by the Committee, it will be considered in a timely and confidential manner, and documented together with the steps towards resolution  


Steps to Making a Complaint / Achieving Resolution 

  • The injured party should speak to the person(s) causing the problem and inform them of the behaviour, decision or action that the complaint or grievance refers to and discuss possible solutions;  
  • Where the above does not resolve the matter, speak to a Committee Member for advice on possible solutions and/or intervention;  
  • Where the above does not resolve the matter, make a formal complaint in writing to the Committee. 

Seeking Resolution 

  • Where issues cannot be resolved informally, a complaints process will be adopted, based on the principles of open discussion, confidentiality, fairness, respect, and timeliness. 
  • Formal Complaint Procedure  
  • A person who chooses to make their grievance or complaint formal must do so in writing to the Honorary Secretary ( Hon.Sec.) 
  • Once a formal complaint is received by the Hon.Sec. it will be referred to the Committee for discussion and recording. 
  • Contact will be made with the complainant within 7 days of the receipt of the complaint. 
  • If another party is involved, they will be fully informed of the full details of what is being said and a meeting will be established between the parties, with the Committee, or part thereof, in mediation. 
  • If the grievance is substantiated and unresolved, the matter will be referred to a further Committee Meeting. The Committee will decide if the other the parties will be involved in that further meeting. 
  • The complainant and respondent will be informed of any Committee decision in writing. This completes the Committee’s responsibility regarding grievances and complaints.