The following takes account of the NI Govt’s guidance at mid-September 2021 and that of the Irish Petanque Association issued in March 2021. Club members are expected to observe the guidance until such times as it changes. 

Under the heading of Exercising and Sport, NI Govt guidance records that outdoor sporting activity and events involving * 30 or fewer people require no risk assessment. Under the heading of Outdoor Gatherings, ** organisers must take all reasonable measures to limit the risk of transmission of the virus. In addition, the maintenance of social distancing and good hand and respiratory practices are advised.  

In terms of Travel, the guidance suggests walking, cycling or the use of private transport, shared only with members of your household, where possible.

* While the Club has in excess of 30 members @ Sept 2021, club days/nights and competitions usually attract around 20 members. The Hon.Sec. holds published risk management and risk assessment documentation, in the unlikely event that the limit of 30 may be exceeded.

 **NDPC Committee 


Social Distancing and Personal Protection  

(a) Nobody comes to play who has a cough or a temperature.  

(b) Players must stay 2 metres away from each other.  

 (c) Face masks are advised, but not mandatory.  

(d) No handshakes or kissing. Elbow-to elbow or toe-to-toe greetings only.  

(e) All players must bring their own hand sanitiser to the piste.  

(f) Nobody must touch another player’s boules, cochonnet, measuring tape or hand sanitiser.  

(g) Each team must have their own cochonnet and use it when they win the previous end.  

(h) Only one person in the game is allowed to touch the circle and the scoreboard.  

(i) Any player measuring must do so with his/her own tape. Others stand 2 metres away.

(j) A written record must be kept of attendees for Club play and competitions.