header-petanqueMany people play the game of ‘Boules’ ( more properly called Pétanque ) when on holiday, particularly in France. Some may actually have a set of ‘boules’ and store them away until the next holiday. But did you know that you can play the game locally, all through the year ?

FImage - Joueurs (1)North Down Pétanque Club meets every Tuesday. at 2.00pm from October to March and at 7.30pm, under lighting as necessary, from April to September.  We have a purpose built area ( piste ) on the premises of Pickie Bowling Club, Bangor. Club players vary in age, gender, ability and interest. Some are content to play at the local club level, while others have progressed to play at National and International level for the Irish Pétanque Association.

Image - Joueurs 2Regardless of ability or ambition, the North Down Pétanque Club is always looking for  new members and you will be warmly welcomed. Boules can be borrowed initially from our resources, and, for those who eventually join, at £25 per annum, the cost of membership is comparatively cheap. If you would like to try the game, contact the Hon.Sec. George Davidson at email: georgewdavidson@btinternet.com or phone number 91 815099.